We are in need of an representative in Japan.



I'm Anita. I work as a human resources region hr manager in a
well-known multi international firm. We are currently looking for
smart capable and reliable responsible employees partners who could
represent our company in in your city.
You don't need any special skills (Adverting, BTL, Promo, Adverting
finance) or any investments to begin our partnership. In the beginning
of your engagement partnership there is a training educational period
of 4weeks. You will also receive a certificate on completing the
educationalcourse in the framework of our organization. During this
training period you will learn how to prepare put together the
documents, conclude contracts and conduct carry out negotiations.

Our basic main requirements for all applicants:
- Ideal English skills are not necessary but, of course, will be your
- You will need just 3-5 hours a day per day to fulfil the whole
- All trainings are completely free, no investments are required
- No previous criminal convictions

at first your salary will be JPY 7,500, and your work schedule will be
completely customizable. Altogether, you will not spend more than five
hours a week.Then a training contract will be prepared and we'll start
doing serious business. Your salary will depend on you, though there
is a base pay of JPY21,000 bonuses a month + interest. You will have a
promising career growth and probably we will eventually invite you to
open a new branch in your region.

If you are wishing to participate in the selection process in this
offer, please, e-mail us and we will answer you as soon as possible.
Do not miss your your opportunity of becoming a top manager in an
international well-known company. All details you can obtain by
writing us to the following email address : m_anita_hr@yahoo.com
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