International relations.


Good evening!

I am working as a top manager in a large consulting bureau. Our company
provides accounting services as well as service on business promotion and
optimization. Among our clients there are huge and international groups of
companies. Now, we are looking for reliable representatives in Japan. You
were advised, as a person who is clever and honest.

We recommend you to study carefully this offer. You have an opportunity to
become a distributor of different big and leading companies. All the
manufacturers are our reliable clients. There is no need in special
skills. Before starting the partnership, you should pass through a
traineeship period, which will last: sixteen working days. During the
probation period, you will receive detailed instructions. Already during
the training you will earn not less than $3.500.

After the preparatory period, you will receive our branded diploma of
finishing the probation. You will also have the right to enter a permanent
contract or refuse the further cooperation. Already after two months of
the work, your income will be 1,450,000YEN per month. In addition, to the
fixed salary, you will receive % from any transaction performed with your

If you want to become a director of a large company, please, necessarily,
mail your answer to the e-mail address:

You will receive a detailed information within two days. We do not require
any start-up capital.
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