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Good morning!

I am a representative of a large advertising & quality control company. The
main activity of the company is to control the QUALITY of international
service and international promo and BTL project.s.

Our human resources department is ready to offer more jobs:

1) With part-time schedule (planned schedule)
2) With permanent employment (planned schedule)
3) With pre-planned schedule

My letter gives you an opportunity of becoming a director of a branch of a
large organization in your region.

The salary will count from 2,500,000 YEN per month .

Apart the fixed salary you will each month receive interests from

For this work, it is necessary to pass \xC1 training course of 18 working days.
This training period will take you only 8-10 hours per week.

Even during the study time you will earn not less than 380.000 YEN.

If you have a wish to continue this work with us upon termination of the
probation period, you will be able to perform an agreement for a long term.
You will also have the right to refuse signing the long-term agreement.

If you want to earn more, reply to the mailbox:

We will send our answer within two days.

We are also searching for employees for other highly paid positions in Japan.
Best regards Michael Tooley,
Regional HR Manager
London, United Kingdom
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