Your candidacy was suggested!


My greetings to you!

I represent a large recruiting bureau. Our company, also, provides services
on expenses optimization. Among our clients, there are many famous
organizations. For example: Sony, Siemens, Mitsubishi and many others.

Last months we are hiring employers in Japan. We are looking for reliable and
honest people we can rely on, who would be able to become our eyes and hands
in Japan. Your e-mail was sent to us by your acquaintance. He strongly
recommended you as a clever and reliable person.

We suggest you to know the details about the cooperation:

The earning: from 99,000 Dollars per year plus interests.

In the beginning of the cooperation there should be passed the term of
preparation of (twenty days). During the probation, you will have a teacher,
who will control your every action. That is why, there is no need in any
special experience. Already during the term of study, you will earn not less
than $4.500. You will also receive a firm diploma on completion of the

After completion of the study you will have the option to sign a long-term
contract or refuse the continuation of the cooperation. The training will
take you not more than six-seven hour per week. Apart the great experience,
which you will earn, we will make you acquainted with dozens of large
suppliers. You will conclude a lot of profitable agreements. We guarantee
good career growing.

If you are interested in the cooperation, please, send a reply to the
electronical address:

We will send you all details with in 1 day.
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