We are looking for reliable people in your city


Good morning!
I am writing to you for already the second time. It seems, the letters
have not reached you. That is why, I didn't receive your reply. If the
information didn't interest you, necessarily, please, send me an answer.

The main activity of our group of companies is consulting and business
modelling for large businesses. Our concern was founded in two thousand
and five. For 2016 year, we have more than one hundred affiliated
companies, in 30 countries worldwide. Our clients are many large
organizations, such as: Pepsi and Loreal.

For the moment, we are hiring workforce - representatives in Japan. Your
contact information was given to us from a Japanese recruiter. No
working experience are required. The main thing is that you are a
scrupulous and accurate person. We provide a preparative period (3
weeks), during which you will perform several practical and theoretical
exercises. We will teach you to work with big customers and sellers,
legally correctly perform industrial deals. Also, you.ll learn to hire
personnel properly. You will be guided by your personal instructor, who
will give you tasks, as well as check your actions.

After the preparative period you will be able to choose one of two
options: to continue the work, or not to sign the long-term contract. It
is guaranteed that during the probation you will earn not less than 5000
dollars, you will receive new experience, and you will get c certificate
about successful passing the course of further economical training. You
will also be free to choose a position with full time work or a position
of an independent agent. After 10 months of practice, you may be
promoted to the head of our representative office in your prefecture.
You will be earning not less than $11.000 per month.

But more expensive if your experience, which you will receive. I
strongly recommend you to get acquainted with more detailed information.
I am waiting for your answer to my e-mail- mathewmjohnson@yahoo.co.jp
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