I am looking forward to hearing from you soon


I am sending to you this information for already 3rd time. I hope, the
letters have not reached you. That is why, you didn't answer. If our
offer didn't interest you, be kind, please, reply me.

The main activity of our concern is consulting and business planning for
international businesses. The group of our companies was founded in two
thousand and five. For the current year, we have more than one hundred
offices, in thirty countries worldwide. Our clients are many
international manufacturers, such as: Nestle or PEUGEOT.

This year, we are hiring staff - partners in Japan. Your contact
information was given to us from a Japanese employment agency. No working
experience are required. The main thing is that you are a scrupulous and
punctual person. We provide a training course (3 weeks), during which you
will perform several practical and creative tasks. We will teach you to
work with big customers and sellers, legally properly perform industrial
deals. And, of course, you.ll learn to hire personnel properly. You will
be guided by your personal instructor, who will give you tasks, as well
as check your actions.

After the probation period you will be able to choose one of two options:
to continue the work, or not to sign the long-term agreement. In any case
that during the training you will earn not less than 5,000 dollars, you
will receive new experience, and you will get a diploma about successful
passing the probation. You will also be free to choose a position with
full time work or a position with part time work. After 1 year of
practice, you may be promoted to the head of our branch in your
prefecture. You will be earning not less than $11.000 per month.

But worther if your experience, which you will receive. I strongly
recommend you to get acquainted with complete information. I am waiting
for your answer to my postal address- mathewmjohnson@yahoo.co.jp
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