Follow-up letter. Give us an answer.



I am writing to you again. As from time to time e-mail messages do not go through, I will resend my messages. If
you do not find cooperation with us interesting, tell us please.

At the present time our famous corporation is dynamicly progressing in Asia and certainly in Japan. Nowadays Now
economic situation in Japan is much promising for our company. In 2016-2020 we intend to open above twenty
representative companies, firms, and headquarters in every large city. Our corporation obtained your contact
details from a recruiting firm in Japan. Your profile is anticipatorily suitable for us. We want to offer you a

Some data about cooperation.

Our corporation renders a great number of first-class services of financial character. We cooperate with a great
number of corporations known in the world. We develop in accordance with the franchising network scheme. You have
got an excellent opportunity to join our corporation and head the representative office in your region during one
or two years.

We do not require working experience since we provide a trial period. The preparation period lasts for almost a
month. During this time you will communicate with two-three mentors of different specializations. During the
trial period you will get your first wages, not less than one thousand dollars. Moreover, you will get great
experience of negotiating with customers and companions, filling out business documents, issuing payment orders,
and right fulfilling of commercial agreements.

Wages in our company are very high. I think it is only in half a year when your income will be not less that USD
10,000. You must be an ambitious and amenable employee, and comply with managers. orders.

Diligence, responsibility, ambitiousness, and the main thing, MODESTY are required, for the job requires
operation with high amounts of money and confidential information. We do not demand any investment. You will get
a special certificate after finishing the training term.

I am so sorry if you get two or three e-mail letters from me at once. I will provide you with detailed detals of
the cooperation as soon as I get your answer. My e-mail:
I am looking forward to your prompt answer.
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