Urgent Response



I am a regional manager of one of the banks here in EUROPE, I am writing you this proposal in good faith; I have packaged a financial transaction that will benefit you and I. On the course of the last year business report, I discovered an amount of   funds which was deposited by a foreigner, and on further search, confirmed  he died in Switzerland.

I have placed these funds in  escrow account with no beneficiary. As an officer of this bank I cannot be directly connected to this money, so my aim of contacting you is to assist me receive this money in your bank account and get 40% of the total funds as your commission. I have perfected the banking procedure to enable our head office transfer the funds into your account in less than 7 working days.
I have not met with you in person neither have I had any business relationship with you previously but I am instinctively convinced that you are the ideal person I require to handle the funds for me. My major concern is to see that this money is transferred  into your account, I would be very glad should you therefore confirm your willingness to assist in receiving this fund before my final departure to join you for the investment purpose.  Reply with the information below to enable me give you a call to further discussion:  FULL NAMES,  ADDRESS, TELEPHONE, COUNTRY , AGE.

Reply me with this email address:  bredulrich@yahoo.com 

Have a nice day and God bless.
Ulrich Bredemeyer.

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